Best Ceiling Fans For Home And Office 2019

Best Ceiling Fans For Home And Office 2019
1. Westinghouse Lighting Alloy 42-Inch Gun Metal Ceiling Fan US $80

A radiant gun metal finish and shrewd, shortsighted style are recognizing qualities of the Alloy ceiling fan. This eye-catching ceiling fan includes an opal pearly glass installation that gives beautiful light. Reversible sharp edges in dark and graphite finishes make it simple to coordinate styles from transitional to the modern era. 

Change any room in your home with smooth, present-day style and cheer all year comfort. Ideal for rooms up to 144 square feet (12x12 feet). Ideal for a home office or room, this fan can be installed with a remote or wall control for your benefit. 

This Westinghouse ceiling fan is backed by a lifelong motor warranty and a 24 months warranty on every other part. Westinghouse is a trusted, worldwide brand. Westinghouse knows to light and offers items with extraordinary quality, unwavering quality, and usefulness. 

westinghouse ceiling fan power information

Utilize Your Ceiling Fan Year Round 

Westinghouse ceiling fans give solace and consume low power throughout the year consistently. 

Appreciate a cool wind amid the sweltering summer months, and save up to 30% in warming expenses in the wintertime. 

Summer Mode 

Start the fan counterclockwise. The wind current makes a breeze chill impact on your skin keeping you enjoyably cool while bringing down electricity costs. 

Winter Mode 

In winter, change the fan to the clockwise bearing. The warm air that gathers close to the ceiling is distributed evenly all through the room taking out chilly spots and drafts. Increment your solace while diminishing heating expenses. 

Low Ceilings 

Westinghouse offers a wide exhibit of appealing ceiling fans perfect for rooms with low ceilings. Introduce ceiling fans that fit flush to the ceiling or fans without an expansion of down bar. 

Standard Ceilings 

In rooms with a ceiling stature of 8 feet, ceiling fans can be installed with or without an expansion of down bar.

High Ceilings 

In rooms with high ceilings, ceiling fans ought to be installed with an augmentation down rod. 

For ideal execution, ceiling fan sharp edges ought to be somewhere around 7 feet from the floor but no higher than 8 to 9 feet.  

2. Hunter Builder Deluxe 5-Blade Single Light Ceiling Fan US $119

Best Ceiling Fans For Home And Office 2019

Hunter consolidates nineteenth-century craftsmanship with 21st-century structure and innovation to make ceiling fans of unmatched quality, style, and murmur calm performance. Utilizing the best materials to make a to create stylish structures, Hunter ceiling fans work beautifully in the present homes and can save bucks on cooling costs. 

  • Incorporates bowl light unit with Toffee glass
  • WhisperWind engine conveys ultra-incredible air development with a murmur calm execution so you get the cooling power you need without the clamor you don't want
  • Two 60W Candelabra Incandescent bulbs included 
  • Limited Lifetime Motor Warranty is supported by the main organization with more than 125 years in the fan business 
  • Included force chain takes into consideration brisk and simple on/off and speed modifications 
  • Can be utilized with or without the light pack 
  • The reversible engine enables you to alter the course of your fan from downdraft mode amid the mid-year to updraft mode amid the winter 
  • 12-degree sharp edge pitch advanced to guarantee perfect air development and pinnacle performance

3. Minka-Aire LightWave 52-Inch Ceiling Fan US $280

Best Ceiling Fans For Home And Office 2019

This LED Light Wave Ceiling Fan in Distressed Koa is the highlight of the LightWave Collection by Minka-Aire. Its cutting-edge styling and one of a kind, 52-inch sharp edge configuration can move the air through any room easily, while simultaneously adding smoothness and adaptability to any living space. It has a coordinated dimmable LED lights give an effective, yet delicate visual tasteful that takes out the aggravation of supplanting globules. If you're looking for a fan that is calm, simple to install and an extraordinary style complement for your home, look no further than the Minka-Aire LightWave. Notwithstanding the season, you'll discover the solace level this can fan give to be unparalleled. 

Remote Control 

This 3-Speed Remote Control puts the power in your grasp and gives you full authority over your lighting and cooling level. 

Optional Downrods 

The Light Wave's structure enables you to alter the look of your fan, regardless of whether you want a position of safety or want to explore the capability of installing your fan in bigger rooms. Downrods are accessible in 60, 48, 36, 24, 12 and 3.5" setups. (6" Downrod included) 

Uniqueness and Style That You've Come To Expect 

This fan has a look that can characterize a room or space. It includes flair and style that will have your visitors asking where they can buy one.

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4. Hunter Builder Plus 52-Inch Ceiling Fan US $102

Best Ceiling Fans For Home And Office 2019

When you've landed at that place where you're essentially reluctant to settle with anything short of the simple best, you're prepared for Hunter's Builder Plus. Manufacturer Plus roof fans are something other than beautiful-they're meticulously planned and cautiously created. This is a fan you can depend on for unmatched execution, an extraordinary cost, and simple installation. Reversible cutting edge configuration offers 2 different completions, Brazilian cherry, and reap mahogany, both complementing the brushed nickel of the fan body and offering a reasonable match to any inside stylistic layout. The straightforward light installation includes a whirled marble glass bowl and uses two 60W candelabra knobs (included). Superior, Whisper Wind Motor conveys ultra-ground-breaking air development with the murmur calm performance so you get the cooling power you need, without the clamor you don't.

5. Honeywell Sabal Palm 52-Inch Tropical Ceiling Fan US $121

Honeywell Sabal Palm 52-Inch Tropical Ceiling Fan with Sunset Bowl Light, Five Hand Carved Wooden Leaf Blades, Lindenwood/Basswood, Bronze

A beautiful, bronze shade, wooden blades are recognizing qualities of the Honeywell Sabal Palm roof fan. 

This eye-finding roof fan includes a nightfall glass bowl light that gives adjusted brightening to any space. 

Change any room in your home with a tropical style and enjoy all year comfort! Perfect for medium to vast rooms. Ideal for a tropical theme make-over or Tuscan room or parlor. 

This Honeywell roof fan is sponsored by a warranty and a trusted, worldwide brand. 

Unwind and Enjoy the Comfort of a Tropical Fan 

Keep your space cool with this exceptional hand-cut Honeywell Tropical Ceiling Fan. This fan has a great tropical structure, including custom leaf blades that will complement most any space. 

Balance it in a living region, family room or cave to keep things cool in the mid-year months/warm in the winter, or balance it on your open-air yard to help flow the air as you appreciate the outside. 

The 52-inch roof fan is vitality productive and simple to install so you can begin getting a charge out of the solace in the blink of an eye. Unwind, make the most of your space with this tropical roof fan from Honeywell! 

Hand-cut Wooden Blades 

Each fan edge is uniquely created from the basswood tree and hand cut by the absolute most capable skilled workers in the locale. 

Utilize the roof fan all year 

Turn the air in your home without running the cool or warming units; sparing you cash on power bills. 

Use the fan in a summer season 

When you run the fan counter-clockwise, the wind current makes a cooling impact, while keeping vitality costs down. 

Use the fan in a winter season

When you run the fan clockwise, the warm air that gathers close to the roof is constrained down and is evenly distributed.

6. Hunter Low Profile 5-Blade Ceiling Fan 42-Inch US $90

Best Ceiling Fans For Home And Office 2019

Need a fan for a little room with a conventional 8-foot or low 7-foot roof? Hunter's Low Profile IV is carefully planned and high quality for little space usefulness. Hunter consolidates nineteenth-century craftsmanship with 21st-century plan and innovation to make roof fans of unmatched quality, style, and murmur calm execution. Utilizing the best materials to make up-to-date structures, Hunter roof fans work beautifully in the present homes and can set aside to 47% on cooling costs. 

The Low Profile IV is no special case, conveying a wind stream of 2, 902 CFM in a proficient low roof structure. The three-speed Whisper Wind calm engine gives all of you the cooling power you need, without the commotion you don't. Customarily styled in originator white with white blades, its perfect lines are at home with collectibles or present-day goods. Use it in little rooms (up to 100 square feet) with roofs 8 feet and under - the motor lodging fits flush to give you the most leeway conceivable. 

Basic and safe to install for even the unpracticed Dyer. Hunter's restricted lifetime motor warranty is supported by the main organization with 126 years in the business. Incorporates one three creeps down bar. Not good with Hunter Original down poles. Troubleshoot for boisterous activity tightens the blade and blade iron screws until the point that they are cozy.

7. Prominence Home Led Light Hugger/Low Profile Ceiling Fan 42 inches US $59

Best Ceiling Fans For Home And Office 2019

The Prominence Home LED globe light roof fan is ideal for the low profile roof. Need an additional space? Hugger fans take into account extreme expansion of room while permitting incredible wind stream. 

Hugger roof fan, worked for rooms where additional space is required. Ideal for rooms around 350 square feet, for example, parlors, rooms, lounge areas or family rooms. Helpfully calm, 3 speed - reversible engine. Can be kept running in the winter to help in pivoting warm air and eliminating vitality costs. Get the ideal complete match with this reversible roof fan blades. Each side has an extraordinary wrap-up. Two-piece CRS hugger mounting framework included. Included for brisk and simple on/off changes. This fan is additionally perfect with all-inclusive roof fan remote controls. One A15/E26 (included) with the pack.

8. Hyperikon 52-Inch Sleek Contemporary Ceiling Fan US $156

Hyperikon 52-Inch Sleek Contemporary Ceiling Fan, 3 Blade LED Ceiling Fan 35W, Brushed Nickel Industrial Modern Hugger with Integrated LED Light Panel, 110V, Remote Controlled, 4000K

Hyperikon's Sleek Ceiling Fan is an amazing fixture that will make an incredible expansion to any room in your home, office or other encased business zones. Its cutting-edge configuration will advance your stylistic theme and give your inside space a mechanical vibe. 

The eye-catching look is just notwithstanding this present fan's usefulness and the genuine common sense it brings "to the table". This Sleek Ceiling Fan will enable you to manage the temperature both in cool and hot days. It adjusts to you and your inclinations and once you introduce it you just need the remote control to switch and change its performance. 

Best Ceiling Fans For Home And Office 2019

Switch the rotational heading of this present fan's blades to accomplish descending wind current amid the sweltering, summer days, or upward dissemination amid the cooler winter time frame to recover lost warmth from the roof. 

Highlighting an incredible DC motor, a lot of strong ABS blades and remote control with flexible functionalities, this contemporary roof fan is intended to build usefulness and advance the experience. 


Check the base space accessible. Ensure the fan is mounted at any rate 8.2 feet from the floor and the blades are something like 3 feet from the wall or some other item.

9. Westinghouse Solana 48-Inch Brushed Nickel Indoor Ceiling Fan US $132

7216100 Solana 48-Inch Brushed Nickel Indoor Ceiling Fan, Light Kit with Opal Frosted Glass

The Solana two-bladed ceiling fan is as utilitarian as it is stylish. This contemporary style roof fan mixes beautifully in any room but never goes unnoticed. This extraordinary roof fan gives incredible air flow. With its brushed nickel complete, incorporated opal iridescent glass light apparatus, and two curvilinear wengue blades, this fan offers a smooth, advanced style. 

This fan includes a great, vitality effective motor that makes an agreeable situation with calm performance in rooms up to 144 square feet (12 by 12 feet). For extra comfort, the Solana incorporates a remote control enabling you to control your fan with the pinch of a finger. 

Upheld by a lifetime motor warranty and a two-year warranty on every single other part. Westinghouse is a trusted, worldwide brand. Westinghouse knows lighting and offers items with uncommon quality, dependability, and usefulness.

10. Reiga 52-inch Ceiling Fan with LED Light and Remote Control US $193

reiga 52-in Ceiling Fan with LED Light Kit Remote Control Modern Blades Noiseless Reversible Motor (Bright White)

Reiga is a roof fan producer for over 15years. Reiga roof fan's DC motor is solid and silent. Ideal structure with overseeing speed, timing highlight, brilliant light. Simple to install and adjusted runs incredible so no vibration even fast. A roof fan, reiga is your best choice! 

Faultless, Inside and Out 

At reiga, quality has been a trademark for over years. Each reiga fan highlights careful workmanship and the best materials accessible. Reiga fan motors are tried altogether and routinely to ensure they are among the calmest and longest enduring motors in the business. 

Contemporary Ceiling Fan With Led Light 

Roof fan with drove light. With its round lines and bent ABS blades, the reiga ceiling fan is an announcement piece for any setting. A neatly structured lodging close by painted is enhanced with three coordinating blades making a beautifully streamlined ceiling fan. 

Brilliant Air Moving 

The reiga not just stands out in capacity and magnificence but it's likewise a specialist at moving air. 

155x20mm motor produced using Silicon steel strong air development and murmur calm performance, Mute Rotation, Energy-sparing and Environmentally. Roof fan likewise offers numerous speed settings, timing capacity of 1/4/8 hour, different mounting choices and a tranquil motor, shield the family from the cooling malady, while unwinding and enjoying. 

Reiga 52-inch Ceiling Fan with LED Light and Remote Control US $193

Remote Control (included) 

The reiga roof fan with a simple to-utilize remote control. Controlling your ceiling fan has never been simpler. High, medium and low alternatives are a tick away. Killing the light on and from the solace of the lounge chair is currently a reality.

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Havells Fans Manufacturing Plant in India

Include a dash of polish amalgamated with power, execution, solace, Safety, and strength. The Havells ceiling fans are a basic piece of each home and are worked to be vitality proficient. Include a feeling of style and richness to your rooms and workplaces with these creative and trendy structures. With simple installation, their scope of ceiling fans is a fit and overlook suggestion. Ceiling fans are a basic piece of any family unit. What you select for your home portrays your style and when individuals stroll in through that entryway, Havells ceiling fans enable you to establish a connection. Accessible at the best cost on the web, the most recent fans for your roof come in different assortments.

Grasp your decisions with choices like premium under light fans, vitality sparing fans, enriching fans, metallic fans, fast fans, normal fans and so forth. It is just with these appliances, that a house feels like home and company comprehend this. The greatest advantage with Havells fans is that there is no trade-off on the performance and the electricity utilization is constantly least. It is time you overhaul your homes with the most stylish and extraordinary architect fans. I have picked up best-selling havells ceiling fans for you. Take a look and explore them online relaxing on the couch and make a decision. 

List of Top 10 Best Selling Havells Ceiling Fans In India

1. Havells Nicola 1200mm Ceiling Fan Rs. 2634 Buy Now

2. Havells Pacer 1200mm Ceiling Fan Rs. 1630 Buy Now

3. Havells Leganza 1200mm Ceiling Fan Rs. 2990 Buy Now

4. Havells Ambrose 1200mm Ceiling Fan Rs. 2300 Buy Now

5. Havells Festiva 1200mm Ceiling Fan Rs. 2549 Buy Now

6. Havells Nicola 600mm Roof Fan Rs. 2800 Buy Now

7. Havells Fusion Five Star 1200mm Ceiling Fan Rs. 2500 Buy Now

8. Havells Vogue Plus 1200mm Decorative Ceiling Fan Rs. 2320 Buy Now

9. Havells Aluminum Octet Ceiling Fan with Remote Rs. 9349 Buy Now

10. Havells Atilla 1200mm Decorative Ceiling Fan Rs. 3090 Buy Now

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