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Are you looking for workers who can do all your small tasks in less time? In this article, I will introduce you to the best crowdsourcing platform HiveOffers.

You can post any types of small tasks to the available workers on Hiveoffers. You have to offer a minimum of $0.20 per task for a quick response. As an employer first you have to deposit money into your account as per requirement, then you can assign tasks to the workers. You will be charged only for verified work.

Moreover, if you are looking for micro jobs for yourself to earn some money then you can find jobs on HiveOffers. You will get $5  bonus just for sign up and you can withdraw money when you reach minimum $10.

Minimum withdraws in  HiveOffers is 10$ by PayPal/Skrill or Payoneer(minimum 50$). Withdrawals will be sent in 2 business days. Soon you will be able to withdraw money through crypto and other available methods.

Crowd sourcing website Hiveoffers

Why should you join HiveOffers today? 

  • You get a 5$ sign up bonus
  • Every task offers a minimum $0.20 and It can go up to $50 per task
  • For every referral that earns $20, You will get $5

A micro job is, as the word infers, a small paid errand. A superior word for micro jobs may really be "gigs" in light of the fact that "jobs" may suggest employment, and no micro jobs are for employees however just for self-employed entities. 

Characterizing Micro Jobs 

The essential idea of a micro job, getting a small charge for a small errand, keeps running crosswise over numerous conceivable sorts of micro jobs. These might include: 

Online tasks: These small tasks, or microtasks, can be complete altogether online, requiring no real-world connection. Purchasers of these services advertise on micro job websites to discover somebody willing to do the job. Amazon's Mechanical Turk is a standout amongst the most famous locales offering this kind of micro job. 

Real-world tasks: Similar to online tasks in that purchaser of service advertise online for workers, the assignment isn't finished online, however, face to face. Websites advancing these kinds of micro jobs are fundamentally a commercial center for odd jobs. TaskRabbit is one of the more prevalent genuine work errand destinations. But, TaskRabbit and others like it generally offer online tasks too. 

Crowdsourcing activities: Using an online crowdsourcing stage, organizations enlist workers to complete one small piece of a bigger venture. Workers for the most part sign on to a company's website and browse accessible tasks. Clickworker is a company that makes use crowdsourcing an assortment of tasks. 

Website ease of use testing: Remote ease of use analyzers audit websites and mobile applications for a set expense (for the most part around $10), regularly utilizing a screen or voice recorder. 

Online services commercial center: In these micro jobs, workers offer small services (as a rule for a set expense) and purchasers peruse the commercial center to discover individuals offering the services they require. The website takes an expense from the purchaser, seller or both. 

Reward programs: Some micro jobs may not offer installment in cash but rather in focuses or something unique. The tasks in these regularly include promoting items to the worker. 

Surveys: Completing surveys as a work-at-home job has been around for some time and is, maybe, the first micro job. 

How Micro Jobs Are Done 

Numerous micro jobs, especially those of crowdsourced data entry ventures, are done totally online from a PC. In any case, some micro jobs might be done in both in reality and on the web and could require a smartphone. For instance, a company may need you to go to a store and photo a display of an item or lead a price check and present the data online by means of your smartphone. 

How Micro Jobs Pay 

For the most part, these jobs pay small sums, however, they ought to require next to no time. Jobs may pay somewhere in the range of 1 penny to $50, and the thought is that the work required ought to be in extent with charge advertised. All things considered, so as to profit, you need to work quickly and go up against the greatest number of tasks as you can. 

Since these are done on an agreement (and not representative) premise, there is no certification that these micro jobs pay the lowest pay permitted by law. Most organizations pay money (as a rule through a PayPal account) however some compensation in an option that is other than money, i.e. gift vouchers, compensate points, services, bitcoins. Regularly the compensation is determined in US dollars however can be changed over into alternate currency when paid into a PayPal account.

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