Loop Smart Tracker - Never Lose Your Keys/Wallet/Pets

Panasonic Seekit

With Panasonic Seekit, monitor every one of your resources dependably. Seekit accompanies cutting-edge Bluetooth Technology (Bluetooth 5), for best in class battery utilization and stable connection. With Customer-Centric highlights like voice alarms on Separation, overlooking your things will turn out to be for all intents and purposes unthinkable. Tag your keys, your wallets, your camera or some other belonging to keep them protected, generally. Utilize your phone to make seekit buzz and sparkle to help you to locate your lost belonging. Discover your phone by squeezing the button on the seekit device. Partition marker will remind you when you are overlooking your belonging behind. Crowd GPS will enable you to follow your resources even when you are far away. Good with devices running Android 6 or more and iOS 9 or more. Note - Please make a special effort to be exhorted that Panasonic Seekit's availability and application are influenced by a known Bluetooth issue with devices utilizing Android 6.0.0 (Marshmallow). Connectivity, by all accounts, to be settled in Android 6.0.1 

Partition Indicator and Voice Alert 

Always remember anything behind, ever! - Seekit makes it basically unimaginable for you to leave your things. Hear a caution on your smartphone when your thing separates. Alter the alarm tones on your phone to your loving. Set the alarm in your own Voice utilizing Voice Alerts – it's particularly valuable when you have different Seekit devices. If you're overlooking your phone, the Seekit will buzz and sparkle to show you have to go get it back. 

Last Seen Location 

No compelling reason to backtrack your means - If you some way or another missed the separation indicator, check where you left your resources keep going on your smartphone application. Simply open the Seekit application and check the Last Seen Location of your disengaged valuable. 

Nearness Guidance 

Draw nearer to your things - Sometimes, things are near but you can't put your finger on them, truly. Be guided towards your lost resources with the assistance of Proximity Guidance highlight on the Seekit application. 

Bi-directional Tracking 

Discover your things with Seekit - Tap the Buzz button on the Seekit application to make the Seekit ring. It has a LED as well, so don't stress over dull rooms and corners. You can ring your phone also by double tap the Seekit button even when it's on silent mode. 

Panasonic Seekit Loop SmartTracker (Black) - Never Lose Your Keys/Wallet/Pets or Any Other valuables

SOS Alert 

Not simply your resources, it protects you also - If you sense danger, you can send an SOS alert* alongside your GPS area to 3 of your precious ones, by simply squeezing the Seekit button thrice. (*Note: SOS Message conveyance is liable to Operator's Network accessibility). 

Selfie Button for Quick Selfie 

Everybody adores a selfie - The Seekit device accompanies a Selfie Button that gives you a chance to click fun and intriguing selfies. Locate the ideal plot for your most loved shot with Seekit. 

Offer it with a Friend 

Guard your assets even when they are imparted to somebody. Simply share your Seekit device, connected to your thing, through the Seekit application. You can likewise impart your Seekit to a companion who is near where you abandoned you are significant and they'll see it for you effectively. 

Splash Proof 

No compelling reason to stress over your thing regardless of whether it is down-pouring. Your Seekit device is water safe so you can follow your resources even in the rain. 

Bluetooth 5.0 

Depend on Cutting Edge Bluetooth Technology - For best in class battery utilization and stable association they have made a standout amongst the most progressive Bluetooth trackers. 

Device range of up to 100ft 

100 feet* of Safety (Note: Presence of metallic items, solid structures, media transmission systems, mobile phone spreads can antagonistically influence the association. *As per inner test conditions). 

Battery Life One Year

Try not to stress overcharging your Seekit. Simply Tag and Secure your assets (*As per inside test conditions). 

High/Low Modes 

You choose the dimension of cautions - High and Low mode for brisk use. High mode enacts the ringer, in a low mode you get notifications just on the application. 

Wi-Fi Secure Mode 

You choose the dimension of cautions - Mark your Secure Zone. Design your spared Wifi organizes once to the Seekit application, and unwind. The application will change to Low mode in this protected condition. 

Do not Disturb/Pickpocket Mode 

You choose the dimension of cautions - They are touchy to your every need. A Do Not Disturb Mode since they understand you simply would prefer not to be exasperating. A pickpocket mode to keep your assets very protected in a swarmed place, regardless of whether a railroad station or at the airplane terminal. 

Crowd GPS 

Be a part of the Seekit Community - If your belonging is stolen, at that point the Seekit people group can enable you to follow it. Here's the manner by which it works. When somebody from the network strolls by the important, the refreshed area of your dear having a place will be conveyed back to you. To enable them to make an existence where your assets are protected, always

A Promise of Quality 

A product which is a genuine impression of the quality models set by brand Panasonic throughout the previous 100 years. 

Discover Your Phone 

Regardless of whether you don't claim a Seekit device, you can, in any case, download the Seekit application to anchor your phone. Track it through the site when you lose it. 

Play Store and App Store 

The Seekit application is accessible on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Seekit application is perfect with devices running on Android 6.0 or more and iOS 9.0 or more.

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