Top 3 Grossing Mobile Games Worldwide Earning $650K Each Day

Top 3 Grossing Games Worldwide Earning $650K Each Day

1. PUBG Mobile Gross Value

PUBG Mobile's revenue has tripled since presenting its premium Royale Pass in June month, according to industry knowledge organization Sensor Tower.

The game has earned about $23 million since the Royale Pass went live on 19 June 2018, Sensor Tower stated. That is an expansion of 191% contrasted with the assessed $7.7 million it earned between May 16 and June 2018. Players are presently spending around threefold the amount of every day in "PUBG Mobile" as they did before the Royale Pass launch. App Store and Google Play clients are spending a normal of around $650,000 every day around the world, contrasted with the $230,000 every day they spent in the previous period. 

A month ago, Sensor Tower reported "PUBG Mobile" revenue rose 365% the week the Royale Pass introduced, allegedly procuring $6.2 million gross worldwide on the two iOS and Android platforms. The game earned a normal of $1.4 million in the three weeks previously that. 

"In addition, 'PUBG Mobile' hasn't made under $450,000 every day since the presence of the Royale Pass, while before it never earned more than $343,000 every day," Sensor Tower claimed. "Since the launch of the Royale Pass, the game has netted as much as $1.1 million every day, achieving that high point on June 21, two days after the pass went live." 

The Royale Pass grants prize to players who finish difficulties and gain positions each season. There are at present two forms — a free one and a first class one that costs $9.99. Players with the Elite Pass gain admittance to missions that give more perks and rewards for each position. It's like "Fortnite's" Battle Pass, which helped Epic Games make over $1 billion in the most recent year. Psyonix is debuting its own variant this late spring for its vehicular soccer match "Rocket League," while "Honorable obligation: Black Ops 4" is getting a Black Ops Pass this October. 

While "PUBG" and "Fortnite" didn't concoct the idea — season passes have been around the gaming business for a considerable length of time — their prosperity is obviously rousing other game distributors to actualize comparative plans of action in their titles.

The game is estimated to grow more in 2019 after the vikendi map update. It has already reached 500M+ downloads worldwide across all platforms. The game is pretty addictive and the number of users is expected to grow more each day. 

In India, the number of mobile users is pretty low in contrast to its population. But, according to Statista, the number of mobile users in India will reach 813.2M in 2019. Considering gaming enthusiasm in youth, the gross value of PUBG will hike.

2. Coin Master Gross Value

Surprisingly, Coin Master holding the second number position in terms of gross value. Previously, this number was held by Candy Crush. Moon active spend big bucks on advertising, which engage more people per day. Unlike PUBG, Coin Master earns in several ways such as Sell Coins, Spins, In-game Advertising. Some people find this game pretty addictive and spend their money to earn rewards or coins to reach top levels.

A few years ago, people used to play Clash of Clans and buy gems to reach next levels. But, the user base of COC has finished in the past year. Coming to Coin Master, some users find it very addictive and some just don't give a damm about it, Am I right

You have probably heard this game name almost on every advertising platform. Think Gaming reported that Coin Master was generating daily about $320K worldwide across platforms in 2017. With daily downloads around 40K, the game has reached 500M+ downloads across platforms.

In Dec 2018, Coin Master earning daily around $59,367 with 12,357 daily installs, just in the USA. People are crazy about this slot game and spending big bucks daily just to unlock the next village. Moon Active generating daily about $440K worldwide across all platforms, Think Gaming Stated.

In 2019, the growth of Coin Master totally unpredictable. Considering tough competition in the market, like PUBG and new arrivals, Coin Master revenue may decline.

3. Candy Crush Saga Gross Value

Finally, coming to our next most grossing game worldwide is Candy Crush Saga with 800M+ downloads across platforms.
Sensor Tower stated that King Publisher has earned revenue about $73K per day in 2018. 

People of all ages love to play Candy Crush and 80% of Indians had this game installed on their mobile. But, the percentage is definitely falling after PUBG Mobile enter the market. The Candy Crush Saga game earned approximately $140K per day worldwide in the year 2018.

"King support" earns money through in-game purchases. The amount of revenue steeply fell in past years, a report said. In 2013, Candy Crush was on the first position worldwide in terms of gross value. Earning $633K each day, AppAdvice claimed.

In 2018, the total revenue of Candy Crush stands at $26M, Sensor Tower said. In the past years, the revenue has steeply declined. Considering the tough competition, King still stands in Top 10 Grossing Games. 

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