Best Decals 2D And 3D Designer Wall Stickers For Decoration

Decals sticker for room decoration

Are you looking for awesome premium quality wall decals stickers? You are at the right place. I have handpicked best-selling wall stickers for you. You will like these premium wall stickers, Whether you are planning to decorate home or office or anything else. These stickers are non-toxic, eco-friendly and waterproof.

You can design anything using your skills or you can take help of friends or family, it will be fun. Choose from a wide range of decals stickers that I have categorized for you.

Religious Wall Decals Stickers From Flipkart India

1. Baal Krishna Religious Wallpaper  (75cm X 50cm)

Decals wall sticker

Hopefully, kids will love this good-looking Baal Krishna sticker. Decorate your living room or bedroom hassle free. Visitors will definitely ask you, "Where did you get this?". This sticker has 75cm of height and 50cm of width. 

Ratings 4.3/5

2. Baal Krishna Large PVC Vinyl Sticker (63cm X 60cm)

Best Decals 2D And 3D  Designer Wall Stickers For Decoration

This artistic vinyl sticker will give a designer look to your bedroom, living room or kitchen. After application, It appears like a professional painting. This sticker has 63cm of height and 60cm of width.

Ratings 4.3/5

3. Buddha Self-Adhesive Wall Sticker (73cm X 59cm)

devotional sticker of Buddha

This Buddha devotional sticker gives your walls a touch of nature. Perfect for rooms, where you used to meditate. Transform your home with this decorative sticker for interior modification. This sticker has 73cm of height and 59cm of width.

Ratings 4.7/5

4. Mahadev Devotional Wallpaper (70cm X 60cm)

Shiv supreme lord of Hindu religious

The Supreme Lord Shiv sticker ideal for family lounge, kids room or worship room. Give energetic vibes whenever you pass around this. This blue shade sticker has 70cm of height and 60cm of width.

Ratings 4.3/5

5. Artistic Jesus Wall Sticker (70cm X 45cm)

Jesus wallpaper for interior design

This artistic Jesus wallpaper ideal for church, prayer rooms, and home. All letters are in black color with larger middle less gives it a premium look. This sticker has 70cm of height and 45 cm of width.

Ratings 4.3/5

PVC Vinyl Wall Decals Stickers From Amazon India

1. 'Tree with Birds and Cages' Brown Wall Sticker

Nature decoration wallpaper for interior design

The amazing design of this sticker will enrich the walls of your home. Cages hanging to the tree and birds are flying around give nature touch to walls. Ideal for a bedroom. 

Ratings 4.2/5

2. 'Beautiful Magic Tree with Flowers' Wall Sticker

Ideal for a living room. You can apply it around objects like shown in the above image. It covers pretty much space. This sticker has red and brown color shades.

Ratings 4/5

3. 'Flowers Branch' Multicolor Wall Sticker

PVC Vinyl flower interior design

Multicolor flower branch with birds and butterflies will look stunning in any room. Perfect for bedroom, living room, kitchen, and bathroom. You can create eye-catching patterns with your skills or you can hire a professional.

Ratings 4.3/5

4. 'Flamingos and Bamboo at Sunset' Multicolor Wall Sticker 

PVC Vinyl sticker

This artistic Vinyl sticker with the pair of flamingos and bamboo under sunset will look crazy on your home walls. It will cover 150cm of height and 125cm of the width of a wall.

Ratings 4.4/5

5. 'Walking in the Garden Flower' Wall Sticker

PVC Vinyl sticker for wall

Are you tired of dull bottom areas of the wall? Don't worry this sticker has come to rescue you. This sticker looks stunning on bottom areas of any wall. But, the width of this sticker is very limited. You probably need 4 stickers to cover one wall.

Ratings 4.2/5

6. 'Bestselling Leaves Tree' Wall Sticker 

Decals Design 'Bestselling Leaves Tree' Wall Sticker (PVC Vinyl, 90 cm x 60 cm, Multicolour)

Beautiful leaves from right to left side with falling leaves and a quote 'Love is beautiful the sweet breeze, the green leaves'. Looks perfect on small walls and covers a pretty much top area of the wall.

Ratings 4.2/5

7.  'Peacock Bird' Wall Sticker
Decals Design 'Peacock Bird' Wall Sticker (PVC Vinyl, 60 cm x 90 cm, Multicolour)

The king of birds will decorate your room with its stunning looks.
Be careful while applying this sticker because it comes in a single piece so, you need to take help of your family members.

Ratings 4.1/5

3D Removeable Wall Stickers For Illusion Decoration

1. Bright Solar System Wall Stickers

3D Wall Stickers For Illusion Decoration

There's nothing more wondrous to children of all ages than the sky above. Presently you can make your own world with 8 sensible planets sun and stars sparkling splendidly throughout the night. Additionally, teach your youngster every one of the planets with the E-book provided. With thick fluorescent planets and durable sparkling stars, your nearby planetary group is setting down deep roots as long as you can imagine. They made space adornment for children with phenomenally iridescent powder. A ceiling planetary system is a magnificent instructive present for an aspiring space traveler or any inquisitive child. In case you're not excited about the quality, resilience or the overall shine of your sparkling stars planetarium, You can ask for a refund or replacement.

Rating 4.1/5

2. Acrylic Mirror Style Removable Decal Wall Sticker

HOODDEAL 1 Set Acrylic Mirror Style Removable Decal Vinyl Art Wall Sticker Home Decor (24 PCS)

In the above picture 24 PCS utilized, if your wall is exceptionally roomy, so as to improve the better special visualizations, it is recommended to purchase 2 sets. They can last for 12 months Keep it splendid. In the event that there is dust, you can utilize a towel to wipe the mirror, keep perfect and bright.

Ratings 4/5

3. Large Family Tree Wall Decal Sticker

Large Family Tree Wall Decal. Peel & stick vinyl sheet, easy to install & apply history decor mural for home, bedroom stencil decoration. DIY Photo Gallery Frame Decor Sticker By LaceDecaL

Make your own beautiful family tree with easy installation. Hang family photos in the given space and show your decorative skills to everyone. Looks stunning from every angle. This sticker is in black color, not dark brown. Plus, it covers 4 feet of total height. Moreover, It depends on how you apply it.

Ratings 4/5

4. U-Shark 3D Self-adhesive Removable Wall Sticker

U-Shark 3D Self-adesive Removable Break Through the Wall Vinyl Wall Stickers /Murals Art Decals Decorator Kid's Favor

Any fish lover will love this amazing sticker. Some people will not found it that cool because it does not meet the 3D effects expectations. But, let me tell you the graphics are so realistic that will force you to buy this sticker. It enhances the beauty of the aquarium room.

Ratings 3.9/5

5. 3D Hole View Vivid Cat and Dog Removable Art Stickers

3D Wall Decals Stickers Hole View Vivid Cat and Dog Decals Removable Art Stickers for Bathroom Room/Kids Room/Refrigerator Decoration 4pcs

Pet lovers will love this awesome 3D effect hole view stickers. For realistic view white surface is recommended. This sticker can be used on any clean surface objects and walls. If you have pets, you will receive a fun reaction from your pets.

Ratings 4.7/5

Note - The stickers you see in pictures on any online platform or e-commerce websites look bigger in size. The actual size you will receive can be smaller than your expectation. So, don't expect too larger size. Read the product description carefully before order.

How to apply stickers on a wall?

Applying a sticker on a wall is an easy process if you know the right technique. Don't rush when you receive your order. Every pack contains instructions guide within it. Read the manual guide carefully and follow all instructions step by step.

Basic things to consider-

- The surface should be flat and clean.
- Press firmly to remove any air bubbles. Use a card.
- Take help of other people for large stickers.
- Hire a professional if you don't know where to start.
- Do not use on freshly painted walls.
- Do not use on rough and cracked surfaces.
- Do not use on surfaces with moisture & contaminants.

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