Clean Home With Critter Catcher - Spider & Insect Catcher

My Critter Catcher
 Insect Catcher Gadget
Let's face it, everybody finds a bug in their home now and again. My Critter Catcher is the ideal device to tackle this all-inclusive issue. 

My Critter Catcher's 26" long handle joined with authorized sensitive filaments gently incorporate and encase the critter, rendering it unfit to escape. That enables you to rapidly and effectively get and discharge a wide range of critters, regardless of where they are. 

Additionally, it keeps you at a protected and safe distance (over 4+ feet away!) while leaving the critters safe! 

The ideal apparatus for expelling ALL critters. Regardless of whether its creepy crawlies, crickets, insects, moths, stink bugs, cockroaches, ants, cicadas, ladybugs, mantises, scorpions, centipedes, worms, even wasps and honey bees, you can rely on My Critter Catcher to evacuate it. 

In addition, My Critter Catcher is the main speedy, clean, and non-deadly approach to evacuate ANY and ALL of those excluded visitors! 

Clean Home With Critter Catcher - Spider & Insect Catcher
Insect catcher

How does My Critter Catcher function? 

To get bugs essentially do the accompanying: Squeeze the handle so the fibers open, position the open fibers over the bug, and discharge the handle so the fibers close. To discharge the creepy crawly outside, simply crush the handle again so the fibers re-open. It's that simple. 

Why I need Critter Catcher?

My Critter Catcher shields your home from critters without leaving any chaos, utilizing hurtful synthetic concoctions, or requiring costly batteries. Additionally, it doesn't even slaughter the bugs. 

My Critter Catcher's applications are unending. It tends to be utilized to catch Tarantulas and every little creepy crawly, scorpions, wasps, honey bees, stink bugs, crickets, cicadas, grasshoppers, butterflies, insects, water bugs, and so forth. 

My Critter Catcher is about 25.5 inches long. The normal a safe distance is 25.5 inches so you can assess your body being around 4 feet from the critter that you need to get.

My Critter Catcher in Action

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