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How To Get Rid of PUBG Addiction

No doubt, you are a PUBG lover that's why you are landed here. You are probably addicted to this fabulous game, I also used to. I have wasted so many hours of my life on this game. And I was pretty addicted to this game. This game highly takes over the gaming history due to its popularity. The game is quite popular among all age groups. Kids, adults, matured all love to play PUBG. But you can't deny the fact that it is highly affecting our lifestyle. We are cutting ourselves from society. You need to understand this is just another video game not the end of the world.

Playing PUBG all day long not going to make you a successful person. I am happy that I had successfully quit this game and focussing more on real-world, not on any virtual shit. Following this article, I will tell you that how I managed to overcome from PUBG addiction. Before that, you need to understand that why you need to stop playing PUBG.

Basic reasons that why you require a break from PUBG- 
  • It's consuming the excessive time of your life. 
  • At day's end, you didn't get anything. 
  • Playing more and more leads to addiction. 
  • Everything looks great when it has done for a limited period. 
  • It's harming your eyesight. 
  • It's changing the manner in which you think about people.
  • It makes you less socially active. 
  • Beams that originates from the gadget are unsafe for your body. 
  • It channelizes our energy wrong way. 
  • It teaches us brutal violence.
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You have probably heard rumors that China has banned PUBG. The question is not about that, "China banned PUBG or not?". The question is, "why they need to ban PUBG?". I think the picture is pretty clear. They might understand the upcoming harmful outcomes of the PUBG craze among people. China is a highly productive country and they don't want their citizens to waste time. It will mess up the economic growth of the country if their youth does not focus on their career growth.

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I believe, now you have an idea that why you should quit PUBG.
Many players get influenced by streamers. People love to watch video game streams on youtube, twitch etc. They might say to themselves, "I am not playing the game, I am just watching". Come on dude, its the same thing you are wasting hours of hours by watching and listening to that crap. In the end, streamers get their money from donations or ads. But, what you will get? Sorry to say but you will get NOTHING ( NADA ).

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Tencent Games launching events by events in different countries to attract the users. By partnering with other cooperative companies, PUBG offers huge winning amount to players. This is a business model they lose nothing but it affects our life somewhere.

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Pubg mobile tournament

Pubg mobile tournament

The craze of tournaments getting quite popular among players. While eating, walking, sleeping, they just think about PUBG game. Totally cut off themselves from the outer world. Wasting time on building squads is common.

Even In India, people are organizing their own tournaments by charging entry fees.

Now I will show you the potential negative effects of PUBG on our personal life. Which highly matters in our lives.

Possible side effects of PUBG, If you play it for too long-

1. Teach You Extream Violence

PUBG Mobile Extreme Violence

You know this is a hardcore shooting game. When you play it for a long time, it really triggers your aggressive emotions, thoughts, and behavior. Ultimately, it will make you less humane. You will always think of extreme violence, killing someone.

2. Reduce Productivity


If you play PUBG all day long every day then it definitely keeps you busy. During this time you cannot do anything productive. That's why China took initial steps to ban PUBG in the country. Your family will get angry with you. In the United Kingdom, video game addiction has become the main reason for many divorces. 

3. Kill Social Life

If you spent all day and night sitting in your room then you will lose all social connections. You won't be able to learn new things. You will have no idea what's going on in the real world. You won't be able to make girlfriend because for that you need to interact with people. You will probably lose many career opportunities that are waiting for you in the real world, not in any virtual game.

4. Physical Weakness

weak man standing front of wall

Playing too much PUBG definitely not going to make you physically stronger. Just sitting in your room in one place is not good for your overall health. Sitting in front of your computer screen or mobile for a long time will affect your eyesight. Headaches will become normal. You won't be able to remember normal things. You will lose your mental strength as well as physical strength.

5. Depression

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Video games are also known for depression in many people. World Health Organisation ( WHO ) reported video gaming addiction as a mental disorder. If you are addicted to PUBG then you can easily get stressed out for normal things. You will burst out when you lose a match. Keep losing can lead you to depression.

6. Sleepless Nights

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I know you often say to yourself, "this is the last match". But you involve yourself too much deep in the game. When you lose then you probably say, come on dude, "I can do this". In Result, you forget about the time or how long for you are playing this game. Playing for too long make it difficult for you to sleep even finally you decide to go to bed. You can't even dream about your crush if you got less sleep. Less sleep will lead to bad health.

7. PUBG Eat Your Quality Time

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Think about the time that you have spent on this game every day and calculate. You have no idea how precious time you have wasted. The time that your family needs from you get lost in PUBG. You could make more beautiful moments in this time with your family. If you are not addicted to PUBG even then you waste two and half hours a day, If you play Five matches of half an hour. No one stops at one match.

8. Academics Failure

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Everybody loves PUBG over the study. We think video games are fun and studying is a boring part of our lives. A single match in PUBG takes too much time and you don't stop at one. Students who play PUBG too much can't focus on their academics study. In the end, You may get a virtual chicken dinner but it will affect your academic score.

So these are the side effects of PUBG addiction but not limited to only this. Now I will tell you how you can get rid of PUBG addiction. 

Follow this step by step guide to get rid of PUBG-

1. Uninstall PUBG

Uninstall guide of pubg

If you really care about your life growth then the first step is to uninstall this game from your device right know without having a second thought. You may think about playing the last match. But I suggest you to not to go for it. If you really promise yourself to quit PUBG then uninstall it. It consumes 1.6 GB of data or more to reinstall so you may not reinstall it easily. So, this is the first step to get out of the PUBG world.

2. Unfollow Social Accounts of PUBG

Now you may have a question, "why I need to unfollow social accounts?'. Believe me, this is a very crucial step. If you follow social accounts of PUBG there are great chances of that you reinstall PUBG. Because you read the information about new updates and tournaments, which will rebuild your interest in PUBG again. And you get trapped again.

3. Stay Away From PUBG Friends

No doubt, we love our friends more than anything. But friends with bad habits not good. If you interact too much with your friends who play PUBG too much, they will force you to join them in squad matches. And you can't deny your friend request. So, it's better to have a few conversations with them. They will call you, tease you, force you. But you have to stay on your promise that you will not play PUBG.

4. Stay Busy

Boy writing on notebook

Make yourself busy in social activities or spent free time with family. Be productive as much as you can in your free time. Getting rid of video game addiction not everyone's cup of tea. Your brain will trigger signals to play PUBG. But you have to focus on other things such as read a book, take a walk, call your family etc. Bottom line is don't let PUBG thought enter in your brain.


Hopefully, You find this article helpful. I have introduced you to the possible side effects of PUBG and how to get rid of PUBG addiction. If you know the people who play too much PUBG, share this article with them. If you have anything to suggest don't hesitate to comment below.

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Side Effects of PUBG in India

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