How To Earn Money By Playing PUBG Mobile Game?

pubg mobile india tournamnets on instagram

Do you play PUBG all the time? What, If I tell you that you can make money by playing PUBG Mobile game. 

Tournaments are a legit way to earn a decent amount of money. You just have to follow the Instagram page @pubg_epic_indians to join the tournaments. 

Oppo India series 2019

These tournaments are like "Invest and Earn". Don't worry, the amount you pay to join the respective tournament is very low. If you are good enough holding platinum and diamond tier, then you should definitely try these tournaments.

Read the rules of the tournament carefully before joining. I would like to suggest you that join the tournament on time. Late entry won't get any refund.

You will get to see several types of tournaments. Some of them shown below -

1. Squad Tournament

Paid Tournaments

2. Duo Tournament

Paid Tournaments pubg mobile

3. Solo Tournament

paid tournaments pubg mobile

With little investment and with your gaming skills, you can earn huge cash prizes. 

If you are serious about earning money through PUBG then check out the following links to get started.

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